Monday, November 20, 2017

Spreading Cheer

Young Larchmonter spreads some holiday cheer around the community.

The End

After almost 11 years, 6,689 posts and 67,104 comments , this will be the final week for LyndaLarch10538. The blog will go dark at midnight on Friday. It’s been quite a run, and I’d like to take the opportunity to look back at some of the biggest stories of this past decade …
July 8, 2006
A blog is born.
A site meant to share stories amongst friends, and then you all showed up.

Meanwhile in Larchmont, a Duck invasion was underway...
Larchmont postal worker was murdered in his apartment.  A homocide that remains unsolved.
We saved the children.

The infamous Tunnel of Skank was finally repaired.
The Great Recession hits as predicted by Larchmont’s own Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan

Two Larchmonters head to Washington to "fix" the Great Recession

"Moon Over My Nanny" - Nanny moons mom in Memorial Park           

Teen rumble in Manor Park results in costly damage.

Larchmonter Ang Lee releases new movie on Woodstock.

Larchmont forced to comply with Federal Affordable Housing Lawsuit
Larchmont gets a "shout out" on Mad Men

VOL FD Volunteers vs. Professionals

Consolidation among TOM, VOL, and VOM is a hot topic
Chase unveils a newly designed building on Palmer Avenue

Empty Storefronts, For Rent Signs and Even Tax Seizures plague the business district

A mysterious woman dubbed "the pisser" spotted relieving herself throughout Larchmont
An "earthquake" hits Larchmont


Overcrowded and broken down Metro North trains make for the winter commute from hell

Two Lot 3s create  confusion during Hurricane Irene preparations

TOM’s celebrates its 350th

The mini cupcake arrives in Larchmont
Salon declares Larchmont "the Land of Limousine Liberalism"
 Superstorm Sandy leaves Larchmont in the dark
Tax Cap is hotly debated
Commuter Robber strikes fear and eventually gets caught

VOL bans plastic bags
Lego Land comes to Murray Avenue
TOM takes on the very unpopular REVAL

TOM the Turkey becomes a local celebrity

The winter that wouldn't end

Even the Duck Pond froze over allowing ice skating for the first time in a long time
The controversial Streetscape project that seemed like it would never end

A movement is born to save a historic house in Larchmont, generating a record number of comments on LyndaLarch10538.

Native New Englander scolds Larchmonters for not helping to dig out fire hydrants
An army of green turtles hit the street to slow down speeding Larchmonters

A scary building collapse that miraculously resulted in no injuries

Dude in white van with a stuffed Scooby-doo causes Stranger Danger panic

A Fire destroys a building on Palmer Avenue leaving 11 families homeless. Larchmonters rise to the occasion and show an abundance of generosity.

Larchmont celebrates its 125th

Oh yeah, there was an YUUUGE election ...

Billionaire saves Larchmont Playhouse

Larchmonters go on offense with doo doo leavin' dog owners

Pop Up Park pops up on Palmer 

Where's the mail?

Bike lanes!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Run for Your Life

9:50 a.m.  Two turkeys running through Larchmont Manor. Guess they saw the calendar and are making a run for it.